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Let’s review, shall we??

Another week has flown by.  Summer is glorious and the days are long and are over way too fast. I thought we’d send out a few of our faves from this week:


* I am a domestic diva simply because I thought to use cooking spray on my screen door hinges.  Goodbye Ringwraiths.

* A new recipe I found on Pinterest and tried. Tomato Basil Paremsan Soup.  Divine.  I added mushrooms, halved the basil & parmesan and served with with fresh homemade bread. Glory glory be. :)

* I’m not a crafty person but I could totally get excited about doing this to put on the future family photo wall.  Though, it may end up being a pretty big tree… should have found this about 5 or 6 years ago when the kids’ hands were much smaller. Maybe I’ll do a miniature one with fingerprints….

And did you know that the Watch the Sky cherries are ready to start being enjoyed??!  Favourite shot I took this week….



* Thanks to my generous parents and good Kijiji timing, I now have a beautiful, old-fashioned, blue desk in the corner of my room!  It’s perfect for a reading, writing, and a bit of studying – I love it!

* Technically, this was last week, but it’s worth mentioning anyway: my brothers and I had an all-time best day of strawberry picking and to celebrate, Dad took the family out to Jonny’s for ice cream.  Here I am with my Kejimkujik Campfire S’mores ice cream, taken by an obliging brother:

* Last Saturday, two brothers, an uncle, a cousin and I gathered around the big TV at Grammie’s house to watch The Return of the King.  It’s become a yearly tradition for us to watch the trilogy with Grammie and those movies never get old or boring for me.  Plus, just about anything with that much FOOD has to be fun!

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